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Wyatt's Howliday Drive

Wyatt's birthday was December 14th.  His idea of a great birthday was Chick-fil-a and the trampoline park with his buddies.  When trying to decide how to celebrate our sweet boy for his birthday his buddies wanted to do something we could do every year on his birthday to celebrate him.  What better way to celebrate him then to do something to honor him and Meg. 


Meg was everywhere he was.  She really struggled when Wyatt didn’t come home with us.  She was very confused, and she didn’t eat for several days.  She still goes to his door and cries.  I have to open the door and show her he is not in there.  We try not to play videos with his voice in it around her because when she hears him, she gets so confused.

Wyatt's Howliday Drive is an event we are looking forward to doing every year.  Celebrating our sweet boy and getting to help sweet doggies is the best birthday present we could keep giving him.

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