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Wyatt Blake Brey

Wyatt Blake Brey was the happiest 9 year old boy.  He lived to play flag football and play with his friends.  He also loved playing on his X Box.  Wyatt was an old soul.  He was the peacekeeper between friends.  He never had a bad day and was always in a good mood.  Wyatt thrived at growing his skills and knowledge in football.  Rain, snow, or sunshine you could count on him practicing his skills and technique in football.


Wyatt loved his family.  He leaves behind two big sisters Emma an Alexis.  He told everyone they were his girls.  He was so proud of them and told people often how great his girls were.  He also loved his dog Meg.  They played football together almost everyday.


Canton, TX was home to Wyatt.  Everyone who knew him knew how great he thought Canton was.  Friends and Family would tease him about being the Mayor of Canton when he grew up.  Everyone knew Wyatt.  He grew up in a retail store in Canton that his parents owned and he got the know the community and they got to know him very well.


On September 27, 2022 like any other morning him and his sister Alexis were headed to school and they were in a bad rollover accident.  Wyatt was Care flight to Children's Hospital in Dallas and Alexis was taken by ambulance to Christus Mother Frances in Tyler.  Wyatt was unresponsive after accident and his mom and dad chose to take him off life support on September 28th.  Alexis was being treated for a broken neck, broken back, broken clavicle, broken collar bone, punctured lung, enlarged spleen, and major facial swelling.  Alexis had neck surgery 8 days after accident to prevent paralysis. 

Now the Brey family live to make Wyatt proud.  Wyatt loved helping others.  He loved sports, community, and anything in the arts.  The Brey family has started the Wyatt Brey Heart of a Champion scholarship fund to give back to other kids who would like the opportunity to play a sport or go get a higher education, whether it be a trade school, community college, or major university.



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